Feathers and Fringe and How To Wear Them THE RIGHT WAY!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Feathers and fringe are the new biggest fashion CRAZE! I’m totally obsessed! Just by adding a feather or some fringe to your outfit can instantly take you from average to chichi. It’s a fabulous way to go from business-day to girls-night-out in just a moment’s notice. However, simply knowing about these trends is not enough. You must know how to rock them THE RIGHT WAY. 

Feathers can be worn on your ears, in your hair, and even on your clothing. When it’s apart of your clothing, it can become a little tricky. Basic rule: don’t get carried away.

Feathered jackets are a BIG NO-NO. Why? They make you look like a huge, feathered football player! They’re purely not flattering under any circumstances unless you’re apart of Big Bird’s immediate family. 

If done properly, a dress or skirt made out of feathers can be highly attractive and set you apart. Keep in mind, the feathers should be one solid color and should always match the dress. Never wear a dress with top to bottom feathers. (Not cute.) Pick one or the other. On a more fashionable note, essenutating a sleeve or a mono-strap with feathers is the most chic.

Now, let’s talk feather accessories. Accessorizing with feathers is my absolute favorite way to wear this trend! Unlike the feathers on your clothing, you can choose any color or pattern you’d like.

 One long feather earring is how it’s done. Wearing feathers in both ears is still considered “trendy” -just not as hip.

Sewing or clipping feathers into your hair is the newest frenzy. If sewn in, it can last up to a month, which will  make you look trendy from the moment you wake up!


Fringe is everywhere! It can be found on handbags, dresses, jackets (totally hot), minis, jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings… etc.), even shoes!

As psycho as I am about fringe and even dream about it at night sometimes, there is a such thing as TOO MUCH fringe. Wearing too much of it at once will only cause you to look frumpy and uncool. Pick ONE body part to enhance with fringe, like a jacket or a handbag.

Don’t wear anything too flashy when wearing fringe. Prints like plaid or floral can be paired with it, just don’t go overboard. Let the fringe speak for itself. My motto is: Whenever in doubt, keep it simple.

One last but vital tip: FRINGE AND FEATHERS DO NOT MIX. Please, please… Keep them as two separate entities.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post below!

Nicole Schinelli

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