Guys Need To SHORTEN Their Shorts... or Tighten Them

Monday, August 15, 2011

SHORTER SHORTS are the latest trend for the guys! As a heterosexual woman, there is nothing sexier than a straight manly man who is fashion forward and stands out in a crowd. Shorter shorts will do that for you. I'm tired of gay guys being the only ones who follow trends! Long, baggy shorts are frankly OUTDATED. Please, don't end up being the old guy who gets stuck in his era.

Try to think above-the-knee. Anything above your knee will automatically bring you into 2011 and beyond. As the years push forward, shorts are only becoming shorter and shorter. Get ready men- this is only the beginning! In other parts of the world, men are already sporting short-shorts. Ya, you read it right... "short-shorts."

Swim shorts have also become shorter! Good-bye long, dull boardshorts. HELLO, short sexy swim shorts!

As you can clearly see, wearing short shorts does not compromise a man's masculinity. His fashion confidence only makes him hotter.

If shorter shorts still scare you, remember this rule: "anything above-the-knee," like the guy in the middle.
Fashion Week 2011

Or... Keep the longer length, but wear your shorts tighter.

Longer shorts can still be fierce if the style and cut are updated. But, always keep in mind: Baggy, long shorts are super played! 

Fashion Week 2011
Today, shorts are not just for hanging out or going to the gym, but can be worn as a nighttime look to a chic lounge or a trendy downtown restaurant. 

With new designs made more sophisticated, shorts appear like your average slacks just shorter.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post!

Nicole Schinelli

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  1. I can't wear shoes without socks all time, can I wear sandals? ^_^

    1. Haha, yes you can. This article was written in 2011. Style has changed since then. 😋