Kid's Fashion ....or Adult's??

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Children today are no longer wearing dinosaur tees or babydoll dresses. Rather, they're keeping it glamorous in the latest ADULT fashion. The younger they are, the cuter it is! Almost every adult attire seen on the runways has been shrunken into miniature sizes.

Little girls can even wear heels now! I'm not talking about the plastic costume heels you find in the toy section. I'm talking authentic girlie stilettos you find in a department store! LOVE!
Ages 0-2

Like anything else though, you never want to take a trend too far. Especially with little girls, this adult-kiddie trend can easily be taken to another level, if you let it. I'm totally not about the "Toddlers & Tiaras" look. Creepy.

Little girls dressing up like their chic young mom or a swanky big sister is super adorable, just be sure not to alter their innocence and purity. Think, trendy and posh- not hot & sexy.

This is how it's done. (below)        

The girls are fashionable and modern, yet not overdone. Even though they're adorned with pearls, chunky necklaces and minis, they still look like children. Layering or throwing on a pair of kicks or uggs is a great way to sport this new "adult" trend without compromising their child-like charm. 

On the flip side, the more like a man a little boy looks; the trendier he is! I know it's a double-standard, but this is a fashion truth.

Nowadays, if father & son want to sport the same gear, dad won't look corny. Instead, they'll both carry a dapper, sleek guise and turn heads of all the ladies.... of all ages. ;-)

Whether going on a playdate or to a birthday party, looking hip is looking all grown-up.

Don't worry, moms and dads, they'll still always be your little babies.

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