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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Of course, we know belts can add character to any outfit, but metal belts are all the rave this season! It's a chic way to generate an intense fashion statement with a retro twist.

By adding a metal belt to a bland dress, you'll instantly parlay panache and flair.

These belts magically turn a basic summer dress into a classy night out by polishing your look to a more sophisticated style.

When having an elite-like event to attend, us girls usually own an assortment of clothing to choose from; but sometimes, what we want to wear may be a little too provocative. A sexier choice doesn't necessarily mean it has to be off limits! Just wrap a sleek metal belt around your waist, and it'll expose immediate class and tweak the sexy.

Trends are fun, but as I always say, "don't get carried away."

Let the belt be your statement piece. Allow it to stand out. If you decide to wear jewelry with it, keep it above the waist-line. For example, accessorize with a pair of earrings or a necklace. That way, it won't clash with the belt, like how bracelets or a glitzy ring would.   

When wearing a trend, like this one, try not to combine it with another trend. Pick one trendy item and have the rest of your wardrobe, including accessories, be more classic and timeless. Doing so will never make your appearance look exaggerated or gaudy.

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Nicole Schinelli

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